Focused on self-playing musical instruments, the museum brings together a variety of orgels that were created with dreams for reproducing music.


Some 70 orgels at the same time

The natural setting of the Hamanako-Kanzanji district and Mt. Okusa. Plus the Hamanako Orgel Museum presenting a distinctive visage harmonized withthe scenery. A valuable collection is on display in the exhibit epaces that from mid-19th century orgels(music boxes) to fairground organs.




A dream spot for lovers
A dream spot for lovers
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Concert hall
Concert hall




Orgel shop
Orgel shop
Hands-on craft studio
Hands-on craft studio

*Careful consideration was given to the architecture so that anyone can enjoy the beautiful music here to their heart`s content.
*Visitors can walk from Okusayama Ropeway to the museum whithout getting wet.


Homemade hands-on craft studio

Would you like to
make a unique music
and memory by hand?

At the Hamanako Orgel Museum, you can create your own original music box.
Choose your favorite song from among 80 pop songs, nursery rhymes, classical music, and more. Then enjoy installing it in a box, assembling it, and decorating it. Easily assemble your music box with just screws and wood glue.

Reception is open from when the museum opens to when it closes.
(Reception located in the first-floor shop)
  • Reception available until one hour before closing.

For individual participants or groups of 14 or fewer, please apply to participate in person, on site.
Reservations are required for groups of 15 or more.
  • There is a group plan available. The music box building studio seats 32 participants.

  • Reservations accepted from 10:00 am - 3:00pm

The basic rates begin at 1,980 JPY.
  • Basic rate does not include decorations, which incur an additional charge.

Building time
Simple music boxes can be assembled in around 10 minutes, while more difficult ones can take an hour or more.
  • Building time varies depending upon the music box you choose.

We have a wide variety of music boxes,
from simple wooden boxes to animal shapes.

Some of the varieties displayed here may be discontinued or out of stock. We thank you for your understanding.

Simple, standard wooden box.
The music boxes are easy to make and it's fun to watch their mechanisms in action.

Music box made of glass or acrylic material.
You can see the contents of the music box and it is fantastic.

Choose your favorite song, then decide on the necessary components, glasswork, and other decorations (additional fees apply).
Attach the music box to the case and add glasswork and decorations to complete.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds in an airyspace with a 6-meter-high ceiling.

Take in the pleasures of the sounds and movements of everythingfrom various orgel(music box) to Steinway player pianos, fairgroundorgans, and mechanical dolls in a wonderful acoustic space.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds in an airyspace with a 6-meter-high ceiling.

Orgel(music box) demonstrations

The orgel (music box) demonstrations will differ from staffer and thetime when they are held. *In the 9 a.m. hour, only from 9:25 a.m.. *For demonstrations after 4 p.m. please inquire.

Orgel(music box) demonstrations

The largest orgel(music box) specialtyshop in the Tokai aea.

Take in a rich selection of goods that range from adorable fancyorgels(music box) to truly hight-grade examples. The shop also sellsCDs of orgel music, and runs in parallel with the "home-made hands-on craft studio" whrere you can make a one-of-a-kind orgel(musicbox) of youe own.

The largest orgel(music box) specialtyshop in the Tokai aea.

Homemade hands-on craft studio

You can make your own one-of-a-kind orgel.
Takes approx. 10 minutes.[Reservations required for parties of 15 or more] *Reception desk closes 1 hour prior to end of operations.

Homemade hands-on craft studio

Getting to the Hamanako Orgel Museum

From Kanzanji Station to Mt. Ōkusa.


The Only cable car in Japan that travels over a lake.

An elevator for disabled access is available, designed to allow anyone to smoothly get on and off. It can also be ridden from the Hamanako Palpal amusement park. The feeling that the endless expanse of blue skies, the blue lake, and magnificent prospect gives is exhilarating.You can take in with a glance the magnificent 360° panoramic view before your eyes of lake Hamana from the observation deck atop Mt. Okusa.


Customers of the facilities shared by the Lake Hamana Kanzanji Resort also receive exclusive discounts for services offered at the other facilities.

Kanzanji Ropeway

Kanzanji Ropeway

The only ropeway in Japan that passes over a lake, spanning from Lake Hamana PalPal to the very top of the prairie. Come marvel at the panoramic view of Lake Hamana.

Official Web Site 〉
Hamanako PalPal

Hamanako PalPal

A resort amusement park located in the Lake Hamana area. An exciting spot for children to adults, with some 30 types of attractions.

Official Web Site 〉 (Japanese web site)
Hotel Wellseason

Hotel Wellseason

Directly connected to Lake Hamana PalPal. Suitable for not only overnight stays, but also day trips to enjoy the lunch buffet or hot spring.

Official Web Site 〉
Kanzanji Onsen Hanasakinoyu

Kanzanji OnsenHanasakinoyu

The Largest Shizuoka-based day-visit hot spring that sits in Lake Hamana Kanzanji Onsen. Get a complete Onsen experience with the 26 bath areas with water sourced directly from two types of natural spring sources.

Official Web Site 〉 (Japanese web site)


Access Information

  • Approx. 15 minutes by car from the Tomei Hamamatsunishiinterchange to Kanazanji hot springs, or 45 minutes by Entetsu Busfrom JR Hamamatsu station.
  • When coming by car, please use the Kanzanji Ropeway parking lot.(parking fee: ¥1,000 *1 car all day)

*In the event that the Ropeway is closed due to poor weather, etc., visitors will be taken by car to the Ropeway parking lot.


Hours of operation: 9:30 a.m to 5 p.m.
*Hours of operation may be shortened or extended depending on the season, so be sure the check in advance.
*No parking spaces are available. Please take the ropeway.
No set holidays
*Museum closed when cable cars out of operation due to weather conditions or servicing.
*When bringing pets, please keep them in a cage. Also, pets cannot be brought into the second floor
concert hall and must be left with reception.
Contact Us
TEL. 053-487-2121


Fee Guide Kanzanji Ropeway Orgel Museum
  Adults(junior high students or olde) Children(age 3 or les) Adults(junior high students or olde) Children(age 3 or les)
Individuals 1,100 550 880 440

All prices are tax-inclusive.

If you purchase the Palpal rides-only “Free Pass,”

you can also ride the Ropeway and get

half-price admission to the Orgel Museum!